Stream Series Frequently Asked Questions

Does this mean the season is starting?No. This is not the start of the season.  This is a series of games to explore the feasibility of running games COVID safely and to understand the viability of running games on a streaming-only basis.
Are these games included in my season ticket?No. As this is the not the season starting these are not included in the season ticket. For further details, please contact your club directly.
Why only 3 teams? How was it decided which teams were taking part? Why isn’t my team isn’t taking part?The NIHL owners group worked together to agree a series which would provide valuable information, and at a level of fixtures which teams were comfortable and able to run.
Can fans come and watch?No, these are strictly behind closed doors games with stringent COVID procedures in place.  Security will be on the doors to ensure that only the required people are present. If you’d like to watch, please head over to the tickets page to buy a streaming ticket.
How will the stream work?All games for this series will be streamed on the TicketCo platform for all clubs taking part.  You can purchase the stream in advance of the games.  It will cost £12, with the option of purchasing additional viewing tickets if there are people watching with you – this is an optional way to further support your club.
Does this mean new team shirts will be launching?Teams have agreed to wear one shirt colour for the whole series. Details of shirt designs, whether new or old, will be shared directly by the clubs taking part in due course.
There will be people at rink – who are they if fans aren’t allowed?Each match needs a certain number of people to run it. For example, scorers, timekeepers, physios, goal judges and media. Anyone you see in the rink (on the stream) will be carrying out a specific task and will be working to set Covid safe protocols.
What happens if the series is successful?The NIHL owners group will evaluate the success of the series and work together to see if there is an option to run further games, including a cup competition and league fixture in due course. We will share information and an update once we have it.
What happens if the series is unsuccessful?The NIHL owners group will evaluate the success of the series and will look at what further options are available to continue NIHL hockey. We will share information and an update once we have it.
What happens if there is a local lockdown?The NIHL owners group has worked with the EIHA to ensure that fixtures are cleared to go ahead if an arena is in an area with Tier 3 (Very High Risk) Covid restrictions. Should a local lockdown occur then we will evaluate options to reschedule or relocate the fixture and will share further information should this be required.
Does this mean that everyone can play friendly games?The EIHA has agreed that their level 4 return to play, which is required to play friendly games, will apply to teams with elite status taking part in this series. The EIHA will share directly any broader move to level 4 as and when it occurs.
Is it safe to go ahead with these games?There has been weeks of rigorous planning to ensure the safety of players and staff in these games. The NIHL owners group and the EIHA have put in place Covid safe protocols for arenas, players, staff and travel. For a team to be allowed to play in this series it is a requirement for teams to demonstrate that they will comply with these protocols and are able to keep everyone as safe as possible.